Chugging along but first…the most important thing

Before the weekly update I want to spread the good news about the Norfolk Catholic School of Prayer. Parishioners have stepped forward to help our k-6 students learn to listen to Jesus. They spend about 15 minutes in front of the Blessed Sacrament and pray with Scripture. The students write down the word or phrase that strikes them. Then small groups are formed and students share their word with one another. Everyone has an opportunity to receive prayer for their needs. How cool is this?!? (*Note – everyone can learn to listen to God speak. Interested?)



Boy, I think Easter is going to come quickly this year. The number of things happening so rapidly is tremendously exciting. But…it’s best for us not to miss out on our Best Lent Ever (Best Lent Ever – Dynamic Catholic)

Here’s the weekly progress:

Workers are preparing the floor for tile by grinding off old glue with a machine. In times past this was done by hand! Tile work will begin soon.


Lights will be installed at the top of the dome. This will insure there are no dark areas in the charge. This picture shows the holes cut out to receive the new fixtures. Bulbs will be long-lasting LED’s. Would need a long ladder to get up there…


This is a shot of the lower ceiling. 57 can lights are being replaced. The new fixtures are brighter and much more efficient.