10 Questions for Seminarian Scott Schilmoeller


We’ve enjoyed having seminarian Scott Schilmoeller with us this summer. As he heads back to seminary this week we pledge our prayers as he continues formation and prepares for deacon ordination next spring.

10 questions for seminarian Scott

1) When do classes begin for you and are you looking forward to it?

Classes begin August 24th. I am most excited for my class on the Eucharist and also the great fraternity amongst the men in Seminary.

2) When will you be ordained a deacon and can we come?

I just recently put my ordination date on my calendar! It is Friday, May 27th. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come. It will be a very exciting and emotional day for me.

3) What will you miss most about Norfolk?

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I think I will miss the relationships I have made. There are so many great and committed people in Norfolk who just want to follow Jesus, and want to share Him with others. What else is more important in life?!

4) What did you learn about parish life this summer?

I learned the benefit of having a good parish wide vision. At Sacred Heart Parish I can feel the vision; it is in the air.  The vision I feel is the desire to encounter Jesus in all we do and to share his life and truth with others, especially our families…. To be disciples on mission.

5) Is it true that Fr. Andrews likes coffee in the morning?

Yes, Every morning with half and half.

6) Do you know how to pronounce “Pasewalk”?

No… And I probably never will.

7) What’s your favorite restaurant in Norfolk?

Hands down my favorite restaurant is Black Cow Fat Pig. However, El Rodeo Mexican restaurant is one of my favorites too.

8) Are there any young men or women in our parish who would make good priests or religious?

There are many. I won’t name any names, but I have had my eye on a couple of guys… You know who you are!

9) Would you rather live in the childhood home of Johnny Carson or co-host the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon?

Well… I am too young to remember anything about Johnny Carson, so I would have to say co-host with Jimmy Fallon. I would want to be a contestant in a lip-sync battle.

10) Parting remarks for our community?

While my time in Norfolk was short, my experiences will be long lasting.  I encourage everyone to continue to fall in with Jesus. Offer him your time, your gifts and talents, your relationships, your work, your very lives. He can be trusted! He only wants the best for us, and he knows how to give it. The amount that we are open and trusting is the amount that we will receive. If we only knew how much Jesus loves us our lives would never be the same!

10 Questions for Fr. Matthew Niggemeyer


1) Favorite….musical artists?

Casting Crowns, Linkin Park, Mumford and Sons, David Crowder Band, and Matt Maher 2) … Vacation spot?

Anywhere where I can go fishing.

3) … Foods?

Beef, Broccoli, Peanut Butter, as well as jam and bread which give me an excuse to eat Peanut Butter.

4) … Time and place to pray?

Early in the morning in front of a tabernacle.

5) What do you do to relax?

Read, Play games, keep in touch with friends, go fishing (if possible), oh, and read more…followed by some walking/exercise.

6) What books are you reading?

Theology books. More specifically: God in Action, by Cardinal George, Augustine’s Against Pelagius, as well as Medieval Exegesis by De Lubac and Pope Benedict in America (his speeches).

7) Are you an early-riser or a night owl?

As needed but mostly an early riser.

8) Tell us about your family.

Mom (ESL Paraprofessional at Joslyn Elementary in Omaha) Sue, Dad is John (Car salesman at H&H Chevy in Omaha) and 2 younger sisters, Kathleen and Mary. Kathleen is a nurse and Mary is still in college.

9) What do you like about Sacred Heart Parish so far?

My favorite thing about Sacred Heart is how welcoming everyone is! WOW!

10) Would you rather…be without elbows or be without knees?

Without knees. Of course.

Steubenville Witnesses

When we experience the love of God we are never the same. Each encounter fills us with new life and draws us closer to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then…we hunger for more.the 

This summer several of our teens traveled with 330 other youth from the archdiocese of Omaha. We went to the Steubenville youth conference in Rochester, Minnesota. Listen and watch how lives were changed and can be changed by receiving God’s limitless love.

Steubenville witnesses