Life is Beautiful – Life Chain 2015


Pope Francis literally had his hands full during his visit to the United States. It seems that there were a lot of babies that needed to be kissed! What a beautiful encounter for the child, family, and the Holy Father. He shows us the tenderness of our heavenly Father.

Pope Francis spoke to the people of the United States about defending the invaluable gift of human life. It’s our sacred responsibility. This year the Center for Medical Progress has done the world a great service by exposing the atrocities being committed by the abortion industry, namely, Planned Parenthood USA. Now there’s no reason for people to say they don’t know what abortion is.

We invite all people of good will in the Norfolk area to come together for Life Chain 2015. We will gather Sunday, October 4, from 2-3 pm in silent prayer and witness to the dignity of all human life. Life Chain takes place at the intersection of 13th Street (Highway 81) and Norfolk Avenue.

Please come and take a stand for life. It’s beautiful!



It’s almost time for Festival 2015 folks. We can hardly wait. The weather looks to be outstanding.

Treasure Tower is being assembled


Ribs are being rubbed


Discipleship Ministry Fair is coming together


Tents and logistics


A family is gathering. All we need is you to join us tomorrow for a fantastic family day!


Living a Life of Stewardship


So does all this talk about Stewardship and “Being a Disciple” leave you scratching your head and wondering: Where I am at in all of this? What exactly is a “Grateful Response”? Am I supposed to tithe? Does anyone really give sacrificially of their time and money? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Festival Weekend (September 12/13) will kick off Stewardship Renewal for our parish. It’s a time to ask yourself, “Who am I? Where am I going?” I challenge you to do something different this year. Try something new in the parish. Ask God to answer your deepest desire. Grow with him by spending one extra hour in personal prayer or learning more about our faith. Change something.

We have a couple of simple and straightforward  opportunities for you:

  • On our parish website ( we will be sharing a series of short videos called #BeADisciple from Franciscan University. These videos share encouragement and information from national speakers about their journey and what it means to become a Disciple of Jesus. They can help you answer those questions.
  • This fall we are offering  a new opportunity called SEEK. This 10 week series will walk you through the basics of the Gospel and our Catholic Faith. I just spoke to a young adult the other day that is excited about this opportunity. She had been looking for something more and realized that she was going to Church because they always went as a family, but she really didn’t know much about her faith. Week II of SEEK is Sunday, September 13 at 10:30 am in the Cenacle room (Elementary school building).

Log in, Browse, Click, or Stop By and make a change in your life today to live out the call to #BeADisciple.