You Can Handle The Truth…

The build up to Christmas is fitting if you consider the what Christians believe – that the Eternal Son took on human flesh and redeemed us by sacrificing his body. This is the proclamation of Christmas.

We tend to forget that God’s life continues to be conveyed in the flesh – through the Sacraments of the Church¬†and through the flesh of human beings. Christians believe that the body has the ability to convey the great mystery of God’s inner life, which is communion and relationship. This is the reason human beings are so interested in the power of sexuality.

You are invited to attend a mini-retreat that will unpack this topic. We live in an age of great confusion about marriage, sex, and family. It’s time to recapture the truth about these things. As the family goes…so goes civilization. Please come!

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A couple of pennies…all she had

Widow's Mite

Just a couple of pennies. That’s all this woman had. But even that she didn’t withhold from God. St. Mark gives a powerful account (chapter 12) of what can happen when we encounter God who, in his essence, is total gift. Jesus shows us that if we want our faith, hope, and love to grow, the answer isn’t to hold back but just the opposite – to give everything away.

This is the summary of the whole Bible. We don’t have to wonder anymore what God wants for us and from us. In contrast to the temple officials who continually fill themselves on titles, clothing, displays of generosity (which isn’t generous because they still have plenty of wealth) we see this widow who¬†doesn’t try to provide for her own security. Ultimately, we don’t know what came of her. Did she receive more or did she perhaps perish? There’s no way to know. Whatever happened, we know that she had the true treasure of being held securely in God’s love.

Parish life centers around receiving God’s gift of himself and then giving it away, without limit. The more we give away the more we will receive. Jesus promised.