Gratitude for Friends, Festivals and Flags

-Guest Post by Sheryl Cahoy

It’s already the beginning of another new week and hard to believe that the 2016 Parish Festival is in the books and the conversation will turn to talk of the upcoming Holidays way too soon.

On behalf of the Festival planning team, we hope you got plenty to eat, met someone new, and took home some great memories!  We want to extend a heartfelt  “Thank you” for all of your time, hard work, and resources that each of you gave to help make our Parish Festival successful.  Even though we will count numbers to help us prepare for next year, success is not measured just by the number of meals served, tickets sold, or funds raised.

Success is better measured by the number of people whose lives touched each other these past few months in preparation and throughout the weekend in celebration:

  • We worked alongside new families and got to know them, caught up with old friends and heard how their family is growing and changing, and tried new foods and music.
  • We shared stories of new babies, grandchildren, new businesses and vacations. Where we were for 9/11 and gratitude for the men and women who have served, or are currently serving, our nation and community.
  • We also shared prayers over one another, conversations of family challenges, illnesses, and remembering loved ones that we lost.

We are a people that are meant to be there for each other; to walk with one another.  Success is about experiencing  this communion with one another as a member of not only this parish family, but of Jesus’ family.

Plus, there’s more….this past weekend, we celebrated Welcome Sunday and 20 (Yes, that is TWENTY) new families that joined this great family over the past month!  THANK YOU LORD, for bringing them into our lives.   Each month on the 3rd Sunday,  we pause to  welcome and bless our new families at Mass and offer a time of fellowship in the Parish Center to get to know each other.  Conversation, Donuts, and Coffee are in plentiful supply!  If you haven’t been there for a while, I encourage you to stop by next month and make new and old CONNECTIONS!

Take a couple of minutes to watch the video below and enjoy some of the sights and sounds of Parish Festival and the connections made in our parish this past month.  These connections don’t have to just be a memory or a video. They can flourish if we keep the desire to know one another better at the forefront of our parish life and put our focus on really living out the vision that Pastoral Council has discerned for us in “Walking with You to Meet Jesus”.


Walking With You To meet Jesus


This past weekend members of the Parish Pastoral Council rolled out our new Vision at all the Masses. Festival weekend was a perfect time for us to launch in a bold direction. Walking With You to Meet Jesus means that we recognize that people don’t just happen to get to know Christ. Rather, we need to meet people where they are an accompany them in friendship.

When asked if someone has a member of the family, a friend, or neighbor who is no longer practicing their faith, a large number of hands went up. This isn’t surprising at all. But we do we do about it?

The answer is our parish building a gameplan. This gameplan has four parts that feed one in to the other: Connect —> Encounter —> Grow —> Live

CONNECT – we will identify times when people come to our church or school for a particular reason, make sure they feel welcome and at home so that we can lead them to an….

ENCOUNTER – we will identify places where Jesus can be encountered so that they can come to know Him. After this that people are ready to…

GROW – people who encounter the Lord want to grow in their knowledge of him and learn how to pray. We will be a people committed to growth so that we can…

LIVE – When I am alive in Christ I will tell others what He is doing for me; I’ll be open to discovering what my gifts are; I’ll be ready serve others; I’ll be ready to live in meaningful community.

What an exciting time in our Parish! Sacred Heart is called to become the parish that stands out in numbers of lives changed. Please pray for us as we solidify our gameplan and develop strategies to make this a reality.