I lay it down…at your feet


Sacred Heart Parish has been on a journey not only the past few weeks but the past few years. It’s a continuing journey of renewing all things in Christ. On festival weekend we announced our new vision: Walking With You to Meet Jesus. The Parish Pastoral Council is working on goals to bring major areas of parish in alignment with our vision. Right now, it’s time for all of us to take a next step in our life in the Father, Son, and Spirit.

Stewardship Renewal is concretely expressed in how I spend my time, use my gifts, and give sacrificially. But these expressions are not ends in and of themselves. They are a way for us to say: “Jesus, I choose to put you at the center of my life.”

Putting Jesus at the center of my life doesn’t mean that I won’t sin anymore or that I can expect my imperfections to vanish. No, it just means that I recognize that Jesus is trustworthy in all things and, because of that, I can hand everything over to him.

Friends, everything is prepared for you. After the homily this weekend and next weekend, we will invite you and your household to lay your gifts and your lives down at the altar. Come as you are. Jesus doesn’t expect us to be perfect before we come. He invites us to come so that he can make us whole.


The priests (and people) we need

Wanted to share with you this excellent piece by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia. Please give it a read as it pertains to our current situation in the United States and what is at stake and embracing our Catholic faith…or not. (*Clue – it has nothing to to do with political parties)

The priests we need

Writing down the vision


“What’s written down gets done.”

When I was discerning my vocation a wise old priest encouraged me to get out a piece of paper and list the pros and cons of marriage and priesthood. It was really helpful to get everything I was thinking in my head out on paper. This simple exercise really helped to clarify things.

The spiritual life is can be difficult but even more so when it becomes unnecessarily vague. This is why Stewardship Renewal is so helpful. Writing down my response to Christ’s gifts means that I’m actually aware that He’s given me so much. What I put on paper and lay at the altar is very personal and guides my daily actions and decisions.

Here’s where the rubber hits the road in my walk with Jesus:

  • PRAYER: When will I spend time with Jesus on a daily basis?
  • AVAILABILITY: How am I serving in the parish and/or community? Do I make myself available to meet other parishioners?
  • TITHING: What is the level of my sacrificial giving? Is it really a sacrifice?

I’m always deeply moved when you come up to the altar with your card. It’s one of the highlights of my year. Have a talk with our Lord and your family. Fr. Matthew and I are eagerly anticipating receiving your response on October 22/23.

Fr. Dan Andrews

P.S. Remember, Jesus will never let you outdo him. Give to him gratefully and he will amaze you with so much more.