Come, Let Us Worship Him


Can’t wait to welcome new guests who will be celebrating Christmas with us. So happy to have you here!

Christmas Schedule for Sacred Heart Parish

December 24  – Christmas Eve

4:15 pm        Children’s Pageant, St. Mary’s
4:30 pm       Mass, St. Mary’s
6:30 pm       Mass, St. Mary’s
7:30 pm       Mass (Spanish), Sacred Heart
11:00 pm     Holiday Music, Sacred Heart
12:00            Midnight Mass, Sacred Heart
December 25 – Christmas Day

8:00 am     Mass, Sacred Heart
9:30 am      Mass, St. Mary’s
11:30 am     Mass, St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s Church, 2300 Madison Avenue

Sacred Heart Church, 204 S 5th Street


Jesus Heals – Parish Mission 2017

Ten years ago I was visiting some good friends in New Hampshire during summer vacation. I had heard on previous vacations about a priest who also visited from time to time. “Fr. Mac“, they called him.

It seemed each year that I would miss  Fr. Mac by a few days. That is, until the summer of 2006. At that time I was still struggling quite a bit with depression and anxiety (last January I preached about this). Medication and counseling were helpful (and necessary) but deep in my heart was a desire for healing and a belief that God could do it. That’s where Fr. Mac came in.

Fr. Richard McAlear has been traveling globe offering hope, healing, love, and peace. His gifts of teaching and healing have touched tens of thousands of people. Below is a video that tells more about his ministry. Bottom line – God has given Fr. Mac the gift of healing. It’s not a gift that he asked for but he’s spent his life letting it loose.

That summer day in 2006 Fr. Mac and I sat on my friends’ porch. We chatted for a bit, just like two friends having a normal conversation. Then, he said a simple prayer over me. Nothing dramatic, just a simple prayer. All I can say is that something was loosed that day. Within a year I didn’t need anti-depressants any longer (*everything was done under the guidance of my physician).

Do you need healing in any part of your life? It may be a physical ailment, a wound from the past, or something else. If so, I invite you to come to Parish Mission 2017 with Fr. Mac. Click here for more information. The Gospels show that Jesus is able to work miraculous things in the lives of those who believe that he can do it. Every encounter with Jesus brings healing in some way, even if it’s not the one we are expecting. Please pass the word. Jesus the healer will be passing by. Let’s go out to meet him.