There’s something happening here…

What a week. Parish Mission 2017 was blessed to say the least. We had great crowds of about 450-500 people each night, learning about healing and receiving it. It’s been so wonderful to hear people talk about how Christ touched them.

It’s no surprise that this flowed into the weekend. At Sacred Heart, we believe that the weekend celebration of the Mass is the most important thing we do. If our hearts are ready to enter in, give Christ our best, and receive from Him, then we’ll feel it. Well, many people felt it at 9:30 Mass. There was a tangible sense of God’s presence. We felt it in the music, a welcoming spirit, in God’s Word, and in the Breaking of the Bread.

This is what we want every weekend Mass to be like. Instead of just “going to Mass” people want to go away with a full cup. This can totally happen! But it won’t happen accidentally. We need to be ready to give it all we have; not holding anything back. The more people step forward to use their musical gifts (we have many more out there, I know it), extend warm greetings, and respond with enthusiasm, the more people will come to join us. Perhaps they will be open to an invitation to Discovering Christ.

Worship done right changes lives. God has given us great gifts in Worship but there are more to let loose. Are you ready to help release abundance?!? He is moving among us…



“something was missing”

Ancient Celtic cultures referred to them as “thin places”, where the boundary between heaven and earth was very thin, even non-existent. We all have these moments or places – our wedding, the birth of a child or grandchild, even the funeral of loved one. Sometimes God just seems close.

What if our parish could be the thin place, all the time? All to often, people go through the motions of Christianity but the gap between heaven and earth remains “thick”. Folks have a sense that something is missing; that all of this should be more than it is. I think what they’re saying is that they want to know God in a more real way. Amen to that. Sacred Heart Parish agrees.

On March 7th we will begin our next round of Discovering Christ, a 7 week experience consisting of good food, a short talk, and conversation. Discovering Christ is for those who are searching and need an open and comfortable place to ask questions. Please watch the video and see if what you hear speaks to where you’re at.