2018 Pilgrimage to Italy

I’m please to announce a great opportunity to travel with fellow parishioners, me, Fr. Walter Nolte and folks from St. Bernard Parish in Omaha. This will be an amazing journey, combining the beautiful sights of Florence, Sienna, Assisi and concluding with a glorious tour or Rome. 

Please consider joining us as your first opportunity to travel to Italy or possibly to return for a deeper experience of this ancient land.

Click here for all the details. Ciao Italia! Ciao Roma!


Why another Survey?

A Q &A  conversation with Stewardship Coordinator, Sheryl Cahoy on our participation in the Catholic Leadership Institute’s national survey and research study.

What’s this talk about another survey?  Didn’t we just do that?

Yes, well sort of.  Last year we held a number of Alive in Christ Listening Sessions and we are grateful for all those that came and shared their passion for our parish and the Catholic faith.  Your thoughts, opinions, and concerns helped form our Parish vision of “Walking With You to Meet Jesus”.

Great, so why another survey? 

This survey is a little different in that we aren’t looking to rate our services or validate programs or ministries.  Taking part in The Disciple Maker Index survey and national study that you are receiving will help Catholic Leadership Institute do valuable research into the practice of faith in our society today.

On a more personal level,  it will help Sacred Heart Parish set a benchmark to see if we are effective in carrying out our Vision.  This tool will help us know where we are at today in helping people know Jesus and how we can get better at that.  And as we continue to be a part of this national survey, the results over time can help us measure if we truly are “Walking with You to Meet Jesus”.

Why should I bother filling this one out?

I’m guessing that if you are like me, every day in your email Inbox or social media news feed, you are probably asked to do some sort of survey!   Rate your Recent Purchase….Tell us how we did at your last visit…..etc!   Most the times we only fill them out if we are really pleased or have an axe to grind!   In fact, there is probably a good chance that the email invite to complete the Disciple Maker Index survey is still sitting in your Inbox with good intentions to fill it out “later”… or you have already deleted it.  Don’t worry, if you did we’ve got you covered with the link below.

The truth is we need to hear from everyone who is part of our parish.

  • Whether you are serving in multiple ministries or none at all;
  • Whether your children are part of our Parish School, Family Formation, or grown and living in another community raising your grandchildren;
  • Whether you have been a member for 25 years or 25 minutes;
  • Whether you go to Mass every day, once a month, or once a year;

We need to hear from you, because you matter to us and we want to be the best place to help you grow and pass along the faith. All of our thoughts, opinions, and where we each are at spiritually make a difference in the way our parish serves not just our own parishioners, but the local community and beyond.


Would you help us do that and take just 10 minutes to complete the online survey below right now?  You don’t even need to get up and get a pen!!!


Thank you for helping!