A word of thanks & encouragement from Archbishop Lucas

Our Archbishop is a good good father. He celebrated Confirmation with us yesterday evening. Before leaving he wanted to leave a brief message. Safe travels Archbishop! You are loved.


Discovering Christ


Newsflash! –– It seems that human beings like to spend time getting to know one another. Crazy, I know. What’s the world coming to? This past week a whole bunch of people came together for the launch of Discovering Christ. Some have been part of our parish for years, others are joining us as guests for the first time. All our open to something more in their life.

The evening started with a meal, continued with a talk, and concluded with lively discussion. It was great. So great that we’re doing it again this coming week…and the week after that.

Discovering Christ is about giving people a really easy way to connect with others, look at life’s big questions, and hopefully find some answers. Our age really doesn’t matter – the vast majority of people are nourished when we take the time for things like this.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come…