Good good fathers

For me, this is a picture with all the right ingredients. It’s my late father, shortly before his death, pushing his first grandchild. That would be enough, but in the background is also an important part of our family history.

In 1977 our family of eight was taking a vacation to California. We would be driving and needed a vehicle to hold all of us. My dad found a used 1973 Volkswagen bus that would eventually become my first car.

All of us have fond memories of that vacation. Imagine driving eight people over the continental divide in through the desert. There were some hairy moments to say the least.

I can only imagine how my dad must have felt carrying the responsibility of taking care of all of us. But he did so very well. He also did his best to make sure that we had some good memories. I’m so thankful for that.

Most of all he taught me that to live a good life I needed to know the truth about God and myself. Well done Dad. Because of you and mom I have come to know a wonderful relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You were a good good father.

Happy Father’s Day to all of our good fathers. Put yourself in the hands of Jesus and you will be calm, all the more, the father you desire to be.