Divine Renovation…comes to our parish

Next week is monumental for the Archdiocese of Omaha and our parish. Monday, October 2nd, we have the honor of hosting the Archdiocesan Pastoral Vision Conference with special guest, Fr. James Mallon.

Archbishop Lucas has invited all priests of the Archdiocese to join him along with 3-5 lay leaders from each parish to see what can happen if we embrace “changed lives” as the main goal of parish life. The priests of the Archdiocese will be led by Fr. Mallon in an additional session Tuesday morning, October 3rd.

Fr. Mallon is a priest of the Diocese of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada. Until recently he was pastor of St. Benedict Parish, which has become very effective in adult evangelization. Fr. Mallon authored a highly read and acclaimed book titled Divine Renovation which details the keys to turning a parish from maintenance mode to full mission. Jesus sent us on mission to save lives, not to maintain our current structures and methods.

Last summer Fr. Mallon and his team launched the Divine Renovation Network to coach pastors and the parish leadership teams. Sacred Heart was one of 11 parishes across North America and Canada to be selected for coaching. The Network includes one on one coaching for pastors and leadership teams along with cohort meetings with the other parishes. We have grown so much in the past year. I am personally grateful because it has opened my eyes to more effective pastoral leadership.

The key to parishes coming alive for mission is leadership. We need everybody to lead. The bishop, priests, and staff are but a tiny percentage of those who can point others toward Christ. Imagine what would happen if every baptized person claimed their leadership role. We’d have a changed world!

Due to space limitations, these sessions are not open to the public but please pray that the Holy Spirit will fill our minds and hearts so that the vision will be realized: One Church, Encountering Jesus, Equipping Disciples, Living Mercy.


Rib Talk is making us hungry

Guest post by Stewardship Coordinator and Parish Festival Team Member, Sheryl Cahoy

There is something about the weekend after Labor Day that stirs up a hunger in people here at Sacred Heart Parish.    We are so very blessed by such a great hunger for Jesus here at Sacred Heart.  In fact that very desire drives everything that we do and our vision of “Walking With You to Meet Jesus”!!!

But this weekend there is a special hunger.   It starts as a murmur somewhere around the first of July, builds to a steady conversation by Labor Day and comes to a fever pitch on Sunday, September 10th.

It’s the 45th Annual Sacred Heart Parish Festival and the 6th edition of the Holy Smoke Rib Fest!

I sat down with Fr. Andrews and Fr. Scott to hear what they’re looking forward to this weekend….

There’s all this talk about Ribs and so much more it’s making me hungry.

Festival does so much more for our community than just feed us with good food:

  • It brings us together as One Parish, no matter where we come from, what kind of work we do, or who we are!
  • It satisfies our desire to get to know one another better and be “neighbors”.
  • It helps us slow down and savor the “Good Life” and the good food that God has given us here in Norfolk, Nebraska.
  • And it brings out the talents of so many that come and help.  From the local bands that share their music with us to some of the best darn BBQ ribs in the state and everyone in between that simply lends a hand to make it One Awesome Day!

Come One, Come all… Just come Hungry!