Take the One Percent Challenge

 Grace to pray for this week: For a consistent space in my day to hang out with Jesus.

Dear Friends in Christ,

Before the Second Vatican Council “Pre-Lent” was an official season. The idea was that Lent provides the best fruit went we hit the ground running. Makes perfect sense. In a face-paced world we look up and find we’ve missed the better portion of a very important season.

This weekend we’re highlighting a relationship with Jesus through personal prayer and the amazing gift of perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in our parish. For over two years we have been keeping vigil with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So much grace has been received. Don’t ask me, ask your neighbor who takes that hour during a certain night. They will tell you what Jesus is doing for them.

We don’t have to be “skilled” at prayer to spend one hour with Jesus. All we have to do is……..well, do it. In the Gospel from St. Mark this weekend, Jesus goes from village to village announcing the arrival of the Kingdom. His presence brings life. In certain places Jesus stayed long enough for people to bring those in need of healing to him.

The same Jesus – the Divine Healer – is waiting for us in our homes and the St. Joseph’s Adoration Chapel at St. Mary’s. Is he calling you to spend more time with him per week?

Will you take the One percent challenge with us this Lent?   Find this handy resource card in your Reboot packet or pick one up at either Church this week and get started by adding just 15 minutes to your schedule.   Or visit The One Percent Challenge Website.

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Now is the time to make a standing date with him. You will never be the same.

God love you!

Fr. Dan Andrews

P.S. …….You can listen here in case you missed the Homily Message from this Weekend on the 1% Challenge!  For questions about Perpetual Adoration, please contact Jodene Jedlicka at 402-750-1620 or email her at jodenejedlicka@live.com

  • Friendship with Jesus means looking forward to time spent with Him.