One Church, One Mission

 Grace to pray for this week: To be part of Jesus’ mission to bring all people together in the Trinity.

Happy Easter to all!

We continue this week with our homily series entitled One Church, One Mission. As a way to unite ever more to carry out our mission, we are moving toward worshipping together as way of life. Nothing says unity like actually being together. The Church actually provides a way for us to bridge the language gap by using more than one language at Mass.

This weekend Fr. Scott is going to talk about facing the fears and uncertainties that come with change.  You might remember, that we shared a homily series on change last summer.   Part of  what I took away from that series is that if we’re honest, we try really hard to avoid change in our life. After all, it’s far more comfortable to maximize predictability in our lives.

As we look to worshipping consistently as One Church some very understandable feelings may arise – fear, anger, resistance. But there will also be feelings of excitement, anticipation, and gratitude. Through it all the most important thing we can do is to be open to seeing the big picture – Jesus wants to shepherd all of his people. I think you’ll  receive a lot from Fr. Scott’s message.

Click here to catch up on the series if you’ve been away, or just listen again to the prior weeks: One Church, One Mission Homily Series

Next weekend (April 28/29) we will celebrate bilingual liturgy at all the Masses at St. Mary’s. This is just for this particular weekend so that we can get taste for how this works.  Beginning Memorial Day weekend (May 26/27) the 11:30 am Mass will celebrated as a weekly bilingual liturgy.  We invite everyone to be open and participate to the best of your ability. Extend a hand to those with whom you have not worshipped before; be a part of bringing people together.

We continue to receive feedback that is helpful in making this transition and want to hear the wonderful things you are experiencing as well as any concerns.  You can find some of the most common Frequently asked Questions here or contact one of our team members with your questions.


Beginning the weekend of May 26/27 our Mass schedule will be as follows:

Saturday, 5:30 pm            (St. Mary’s)

Saturday, 7:30 pm            (St. Mary’s)

*Sunday, 7:30 am              (Sacred Heart)

Sunday, 9:30 am               (St. Mary’s)

Sunday, 11:30 am             (St. Mary’s – bilingual)

*Sunday, 1 pm                     (Sacred Heart, Spanish only – First Sunday of each                   month beginning July 1

* The changes to Mass times are minor as noted in bold above.  An earlier Mass time Sunday morning (7:30 am) gives our musicians and priests some needed time to transition to the 9:30 Mass when needed. The 11:30 am Mass will be our primary bilingual Mass.  As a pastoral provision we will have a Spanish only Mass at 1 pm on the first Sunday of each month. 

God love you!

Fr. Dan Andrews