The Most Important Thing

The past couple years we’ve talked a lot about changed lives here at Sacred Heart Parish of Norfolk. Jesus gave us a mission – “Go and make disciples of all nations…baptize them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28:20) A baptized person is not someone who has experienced a ritual. Baptism is the gateway to a brand new life; a life full of meaning and joy.

So, if this is our mission we need to celebrate successes. After all, culture is what we celebrate…and what we tolerate. When Jesus changes lives it cries out for a celebration! What better time to do this than on Pentecost Sunday.

Pentecost is not a remembrance of a past event. It’s given to us so that we can experience the power of the Holy Spirit here, now. So on Pentecost weekend we did three things:

1) Call upon the Holy Spirit

Jesus says that all we need to do is as the Holy Spirit (the love between the Father and the Son) to “come”. That’s all it takes. During the homily we all stood and invited the Holy Spirit to come through song and the opening of our hands (a posture of openness). How beautiful to hearts opening in song! It was powerful.

2) Called forth those who experienced Jesus changing their life this past year

As a way for us to see, concretely, that Jesus is moving I invited those who experienced Jesus changing their life in a major way, or for the first time, to come forward for a blessing. Over the weekend 61 people came up to the foot of the sanctuary. I’m sure there were many more. God is moving!

3) A call to those who are open to Jesus working a major change in their life

Lastly, we invited anyone to come up who is open to Jesus bringing change to their lives. 39 people came forward and received a blessing of encouragement to trust that Jesus will show them the next steps. Again, powerful! The Risen Christ is on the move!

One of the main ways God is using to change lives is the Christ Life course that we offer. The first course of Christ Life is called Discovering Christ (DC). It consists of a meal, a talk, and some conversation. DC runs for 7 weeks. The next experience will begin this September. You are welcome to join a bunch of people just like you who are looking for more in life. Click here all the information.

I’m grateful and humbled to lead a parish that is growing in its hunger to share Christ with others. We are ready to help you know the love of Jesus.